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Carol in JacketLike so many avid gardeners, we always wanted a greenhouse. Although we weren’t quite sure what we wanted, we knew exactly what we didn’t want: something cobbled together from old windows that rattled in a wood frame that would rot in a few years. We didn’t want a pricy, fragile glass cathedral with more pieces than the puzzle we put together on New Year’s Eve. And especially, we didn’t want a hoop house covered with plastic that had to be replaced every other year and would eventually end up in a landfill to live out its half-life of a thousand years or so.

When we first stepped into the one-piece fiberglass SIMPLY SOLAR GREENHOUSE at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, it was love at first sight. It met all of our expectations for a greenhouse –and more! It was spacious and bright and we realized that because the greenhouse was placed directly onto the soil, we could plant grapes and raspberries in the “floor.” There was space for a potting bench to start seedlings in the spring and tend to herbs throughout the summer. And best of all, we could hang plants from an overhead misting system and gain valuable growing space in an otherwise unused area.

We were sold on Simply Solar Greenhouses as the solution to our gardening needs AND convinced that this was a product that other gardeners would love too. We asked the Simply Solar Greenhouse owners for dealership information so we could share with other gardeners. But first, because we didn’t want to sell a product that didn’t meet our personal standards for quality, we visited the Bell City, Missouri production site and met with the owners and production foreman. We were impressed by the quality of the materials used, the production process, and the attention to details.

So we worked out the particulars and started our company, MIGreenhouse! A play on words, MI is the abbreviation for the state of Michigan, which is where we are located. Although we are the exclusive dealer for Michigan, we also supply the entire Great Lakes area and surrounding states. Don’t let that discourage you from contacting us though, we can make arrangements for you for delivery to any state or Canada through our home office!

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