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 I love to do trade shows!

We always get an interesting array of questions when we have the opportunity to meet people face to face.  One of the most popular questions has to do with what WE have done inside our greenhouse to make it work for us. One of the many fun things to do inside your Simply Solar Greenhouse is to personalize it—arrange your growing space for what will work best for you.

I have tried many different arrangements through the years.  I tried growing grapes successfully. I put up support wires and they may have survived had I remembered to water them some through the winter.  Mother Nature takes care of the moisture issue outside, even here in the cold north by giving us some freezing and thawing cycles.  In a greenhouse there is no moisture unless you provide it – a lesson learned the hard way.  It wasn’t a total bust though.  After 2 years, the grape plant came back as strong as before but now lives outside in a row with others.

I also tried the eavestrough garden arrangement.  It worked fairly well the first year: strawberries in the top 2 rows, greens in the third row and radishes in the bottom row.  The second year was a failure and not exactly sure why.  I replaced the soil but strawberries didn’t survive and the rest of the plants were stunted.  Then, I yanked it all out and only used large containers for awhile. This year, I’m excited to try the new raised beds we are now offering.  A full 24″ high and 7- 1/2 feet long, I plan to fill them half full with partially decomposed leaves and yard debris covered with soil amended for the specific plants I intend to grow.  Stay tuned for pictures of the process!

Raised Bed - LargeI try to grow as much as I can without having to use electricity to heat the greenhouse in the early spring and late fall.  When I do supplement with a standby electric heater, I use one that has 2 important features—a thermostat and a fan. I have the thermostat set at a low temperature and the fan helps to distribute the heat. It may never come on but the peace of mind I have knowing that my investment of time and material is protected should an unexpected drop in temperature occur is worth the potential expense.

Thanks for joining me today and please come back again soon.

Carol, the eclectic gardener


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