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I think I want to forget about February.  It was way too cold and way too long for a “short” month.  March has brought much welcomed sunshine and warmer temperatures.  We have been very busy already this year here at Mi Greenhouse – expanding into neighboring states to cover the entire Great Lakes Area. We just completed a Home and Garden Show in Ft. Wayne, IN and another one in Grand Rapids, MI. But our exciting news is our participation at the Mother Earth News Fairs held in Ashville, NC in April, the Fair in West Bend Wisconsin in August and the last in Seven Springs, PA in September.  Check out our “Trade Show” section for specific details.  Whew, the details have kept me busy which is why, I guess, I couldn’t find gardening stuff to talk about in February. We are so excited about doing the shows, in fact, that we are having some fun by hosting a fun give-away.  We have 2 Free Admission Tickets, a 25% off Book Store Coupon and a Bumper Sticker for both the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania shows that we are giving away. It’s easy to enter:  just send me a short email (contact@migreenhouse.com) with your contact information and a brief 1-2 sentence statement of how you have or would use a greenhouse and which show you would like to attend.  Entrees will be kept separate according to the Show selected.  One winner will be drawn for each show one month prior to the Show Date. We would like to get a picture with the winner at the Show for promotional use on our website and Facebook Page.

And with that, I should say a few things about getting started for the year in my greenhouse.  I checked it out the other day.  Everything is warm and toasty.  The containers are thawed out and my strawberries are starting to green up for the season.  The biggest thing to remember in a greenhouse is that it is up to you to play Mother Nature and apply water when necessary.  The greenhouse environment was a little dry and everything needed a big drink of water.  I could almost hear the plants slurping as they sucked up the warm liquid from my watering can.  I watered the grapes and raspberries in the ground, the blueberries and strawberries in containers and got my potting soil damp.  It’s almost time to start the leaf lettuce and radishes and I’m trying onions from seeds this year for the first time.  I probably should have started them even earlier but I wanted to wait until I could get them going in the greenhouse without having to provide a lot of auxiliary heat.  It’s time to gear up though.  It won’t be long before I get everything going and I’ll keep you updated.  I am going to do a better job at pictures this year – I promise.

If you like my blog, please feel free to share it with others that you feel might like it.  Remember, I’m kinda a newbie at this so feel free to make comments and suggestions.  Hey, don’t forget to share the Mother Earth News Fair Admission give away too.

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