We are regular people who feel it is important to do what we need to do to be self-sufficient – live within our means and try to leave the environment better than we found it. We don’t think that makes us weird, it makes us happy.

Our journey has taken a lifetime. We have had successes and some learning opportunities. Years ago, we added a Simply Solar Greenhouse to our homestead. Made in the USA, the engineer thought of everything, and it is still as functional as it was when first introduced decades ago. While we mainly use it to extend our short growing season here in Michigan, in many areas of the country, it can be used year-round. In the spring, the transplants we start inside the greenhouse fill our garden with the promise of fresh vegetables. We grow enough so we can preserve our harvest for the winter. Some plants we leave to prosper in the greenhouse all season giving us fresh tomatoes and strawberries into November – long past our first frost. Wise passive thermo-regulation practices especially in using the raised garden beds keep the interior toasty warm even into chilly autumn nights.

Not so long ago, we added our own Solar Time Tracker, making our solar array more efficient than ever. We have it configured to give us 3 days of stored power if needed to power the necessities of having water, staying warm, keeping our refrigeration/freezers going, and cooking and lights. The products we offer have all best tested personally and we believe them to be the best on the market AND all made in the USA.

We love our little piece of heaven!

We have most units in stock and ready for delivery from our Central Michigan or southeast Missouri locations. Our Homesteader Model has options and is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Our technicians can deliver and install the greenhouse at your location so you don’t have to do anything except decide where you want the greenhouse placed.