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Production has resumed on the Hobby Model and the Gardener Model! We are making calls to those of you who wanted to be notified.  We appreciate all of that have been patiently waited for this time to come. Please call 866-489-4050 as we are making delivery routes now. 

THANK YOU for visiting MI Greenhouse.  Simply Solar Greenhouse is proud to offer quality molded fiberglass greenhouses in 3 sizes – our almost 8 foot “Hobby” Model, our 15 foot “Gardener” Model, and our 28 1/2  foot “Homesteader” Model. These greenhouses come to you as a 1 piece unit that requires:

  • NO assembly
  • Requires NO electricity for the solar operated roof vents,
  • requires almost NO maintenance

We have most units in stock and ready for delivery from our Central Michigan or southeast Missouri locations. Our Homesteader Model has options and is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 



About Our Greenhouses:

Simply Solar Greenhouse - AIR FLOWThe solar venting feature of the Simply Solar Greenhouse is only a part of the ventilation engineering. The front door has a large window. There is another sizable window in the rear wall of the greenhouse. The 2 or 4 generous roof vents are installed offset so when open, they will capture a breeze regardless from which direction it blows. The solar venting mechanicals are distinctive in that the cylinders are filled with a synthetic beeswax which melts and expands when warmed causing the venting cylinder to expand. This action causes the vent covers to open in direct proportion to the inside temperature. The temperature at which the vents operate can be loosely set by the customer to customize the application. This is a great time and worry saver especially in the spring and fall when the daytime temperatures vary greatly from the morning and evening temperatures. You don’t have to be home to open and close the vents and the greenhouse won’t overheat or overcool.

Simply Solar Greenhouse - Greenhouse WallOur greenhouses come complete and can be installed directly on the ground without a costly cement foundation or treated wood frame. The location just needs to be somewhat level and cleared. The Simply Solar Greenhouse has a stabilizing fiberglass footing around the interior base. When our technicians bring a greenhouse to you, they prepare the location by excavating a trench about 8-10 inches wide and 2-3 inches deep. The trench is leveled and the greenhouse footing is put in it and the soil is put back over the footing. It is a simple enough operation that if you have to move the greenhouse, it can be done relatively easily. It can be moved to a new location on your property or a new property all together. Without a permanent foundation, it is often considered a temporary building and may not require a zoning permit. You should check with your local zoning department to make sure. The size often meets Home Owner Association guidelines as well. With a subterranean installation as a foundation, you give added strength to the walls. The open floor also provides growing space, evaporative cooling and heating conditions and a humidity source. A layer of organic mulch in the greenhouse will act as a cold barrier, increase humidity and will work as a weed barrier. Stepping stones can run down the center. Additionally, the buried footing is a deterrent to burrowing rodents but acts to maintain a seal between the ground and greenhouse to eliminate any opportunity for the wind to gain lifting power. See diagram above.

Simply Solar Greenhouse - WIND GRAPHICOur engineers have thought of everything. The one-piece molded shell is made from durable fiberglass which has a smooth exterior that is weather resistant. Summer dust washes off in the rain and winter snow and ice slide off preventing excessive weight build-up.

The unique characteristic of the Gothic arch shape makes the greenhouse very stable in high winds. The ribbed, one-piece construction is strong and leaves no joints or seams to catch the wind. Sideways movement is prevented by insetting the greenhouse base perimeter 2-3 inches below the ground surface which will foil winds up and over the greenhouse. The arch shape converts much of the lateral wind energy downward on the windward side and reduces the vacuum on the leeward side. See diagram above.

Simply Solar Greenhouse - Sunlight - 90% UV ReflectedThe Prism Effect is another advantage of our Gothic arch design. This Prism Effect is created by our manufacturing process, our special resin formula and the arch design. In producing a greenhouse, millions of chopped greenhouse quality fiberglass fibers are bonded together with the special hot resin mix. The layers are rolled and pressed together making a uniform thickness. As sunlight enters the greenhouse, it is reflected and refracted by the chopped fiberglass fibers all around the greenhouse space. This means that on cloudy days, it is actually brighter inside than outside. It also means that there are no shadows inside the greenhouse since the light is bounced into every nook and cranny. And, there is no framing or foundation obstacles to cause dark spots. Because there are no shadows, you can grow on multiple levels within the greenhouse. You can plant directly in the ground soil or raised beds, in containers on the ground, on benches, shelves, lattice, and even hanging overhead from optional misting system plumbing or optional hanging plant rails. Our resin formula is formulated to contain a special UV blocking agent to protect your plants from harmful UV rays. UV is bad for people and bad for plants and can burn them, causing them to shut down and fail. See diagram above.

“Winter” means a little something different for everyone. And the only fair answer to this question, although vague, is that it depends on the year and where exactly you live. Our greenhouses, while great for absorbing heat from the sun and releasing it back into the greenhouse space after dark, most likely will require an auxiliary heat source if you plan to grow in it during the entire year. You can minimize the amount of heating that has to be done by selecting the proper plant varieties for your area, investigate the minimum temperature that the plants need for growth, and perhaps minimize the amount of space that you need to heat by using heated seed mats, row covers and/or plant cloches. Contact us with specific questions for your location and we will be able to give you a more specific answer.