We are glad you stopped by to check out our special product line. We have been in the business about 10 years and started when we purchased our Simply Solar Greenhouse. We always had a large garden, but the greenhouse was a game changer! We were able to extend our growing season by at least 6 weeks on either end of our growing season. We no longer had to rely on the variety of plants we could find locally as starter plants – we could grow our own AND, when we found a variety that we really like and worked for us, we saved seeds for the next year. The one-piece fiberglass greenhouse has really stood the test of time here in Michigan: hot and cold temperatures, summer rainstorms, and winter snowfalls! It works as well now as it did when we first started gardening with it. Of course, we are more knowledgeable gardeners now, so it produces a lot more for us. There is nothing better tasting than a fresh, vine-ripened tomato in November in Michigan. Woohoo – that makes it worthwhile all by itself!

When taking our greenhouse to events around the country like the Mother Earth News Fairs and Homesteaders of America Fairs, we met great like-minded people! We added the Garden Circle raised beds to our product line because it was a perfect accessory to make the most of our interior space. The black bed liner helps to absorb heat in the spring to help the bed warm faster and quicken germination of our seeds. The thermal mass of the soil and compost in the raised bed acts like a battery and charges up with the heat during the day only to release it during the night when the temperatures drop. The ergonomic design of raising the garden height to 2 feet above the ground is not only good for the gardener’s back but offers a solution to gardening on poor soil. They were custom designed to fit in our Simply Solar Greenhouses and ship directly to your home.

We learned a lot from the people we met at trade shows. We were pleasantly surprised by the many people that mentioned that their grandparents bought a Simply Solar Greenhouse 30 years ago and it has been passed down through the generations. The greenhouses produced almost the same way for 30 years have been manufactured under the name of US Fiberglass, Solar Prism, and now Simply Solar Greenhouses. The parts we sell as well as the retrofit kits we designed and offered as enhancements to older greenhouses will fit many other manufacturers that have since gone out of business. We offer retrofit kits for misting systems, high wind vent protectors, and hanging rails – we’ve done the shopping and all you have to add is the long PVS tubing easy available locally. We also can offer replacement parts like the vent openers, vent cylinders and door knob and hinges. We can also recommend clear coat productions and cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Our newest product addition is the Solar Time Tracker. It puts your solar panels on a rotating pole to increase the quality and quantity of sun energy that your panels can absorb and convert into power for your home or business. A 35-45% increase in production over stationary panels is huge! The pay-back period on adding a Solar Time Tracker system is even better now with government incentives to add solar power. We love the security of knowing that when we have a power outage, our home can continue to operate without any worry of losing the contents of our freezer or refrigerator. Our heat and pump will continue to function. The great part of the system is that it you can add to it when you want to by making a few decision ahead of time.

Have any questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.