Retrofit Kits for Any Fiberglass Greenhouse

Have you had your greenhouse for a while? Now that you’ve used it awhile do you wish it had some amenities? Are you ready for an upgrade – a little help to get the job of gardening done?

Try our retrofit kits! While we designed them to fit our Small Hobby model that is 7 feet long, our Medium Gardener Model that is 15’ long, or our Large Homesteader Model that is 28 ½ feet long – but they can be used in any comparably size hard-constructed greenhouse! That’s a win for you – whether you have a Simply Solar Greenhouse, US Fiberglass, Solar Prism, Solar Gem, Solar Optic or even a home-constructed one – these kits will work for you!

The Mister Kit comes with 2 piece-mister nozzles, brackets, nylon nuts and bolts, PVC pipe coupling for the 2 larger sizes, 2 cut-off valves, end caps and a spigot! We’ve done the shopping to make it a whole lot easier for you. All you need to purchase locally is ¾” Schedule 40 PVC pipe of the appropriate length and PVC cleaner and adhesive if you don’t already have it, and you will need to have the appropriately sized drill bits (2) on hand. The kit comes with easy-to-follow directions and includes the lengths of PVC pipe you need to cut and the specifics you need on how to drill the holes through the fiberglass greenhouse. It is easily modified for other greenhouses in different lengths.

Mister Kit

Shown with PVC pipe that you will need to provide. Kit contains misters, brackets, nylon nuts and bolts, end caps, PVC couplings, 2 cut off valves and a spigot.

  • 7’ Small Size: $90
  • 15’ Medium Size: $120
  • 28’ Large Size: $195

Don’t stop with the Retrofit Mister Kit– we also carry kits for Hanging Rails, High Wind Vent Cover Protectors and replacement Vent Cylinders, Lifters or full units. We may be able to help with replacement parts.

Hanging rails:

Bracket and Nylon Nuts and bolts for each rib, both sides. Utilize the space above your head to maximize the growth potential in your greenhouse.

7’ Small Size: $26
15’ Medium Size: $50
28’ Large Size: $90

High Wind Vent Cover Protectors

$ 28 for 2 sets.


Vent Cylinder only: $50

Vent Lifter only: $50
Vent Lifter with Cylinder: $85

To place an order, simply use the “Contact Us” email form and send us a list of what you want. You will receive an invoice from MI Greenhouse emailed to you within a day. Payment can be made online or mailed. Shipping is usually the next business day. Please include your email address and phone number.