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Perhaps you are wondering about our greenhouse experience? We love it! But, I must tell you right up front, we never did use it until this year, the incredible 2020.  It sat idle all of 2019 – too many irons in the fire, I guess. 

But this year, we dove right into it, starting around the first of April with some 4-packs of lettuce and radish seedlings I’d started in the house. A little later, we moved all of the garden seedlings into the greenhouse from the house (before planting them in the garden) and they did just great, using an extension cord and heater as needed. In the summer I had begonias, arugula, lettuce and radishes.  I also got a chance to wire it up properly so no extension cord is needed! I found some very winter-hardy lettuce and didn’t completely close things up until December 1.  It was amazing!  We have lots of great food put up, so thank you for your part in that!

Joel and Barbara
Pine River, MN

Thank you for thinking of us when you had someone near us interested in taking a look at one.  We enjoyed meeting the perspective buyers you arranged to meet with us so we could show them our Hobby Model. Those folks were a lot like us – our age and love to garden. I know they will enjoy their new greenhouses.  We really like ours and it is a good, healthy hobby!  It keeps us busy and gives us something to do right around our home, which we really like.

Ken and Lynn
Deliverance, Ohio

We purchased the Gardener Model and it was delivered and set up in mid-December of 2019 because the ground was not frozen yet.  With the help of MI Greenhouse people, it went so easy and fast. We were delighted.  Couldn’t ask for nicer people to deal with. We have had very good luck with seedling startups and the early lettuce had us eating salads from the greenhouse in early April through June. 

If I had to share one tip, I would tell you to get one now!  No kit to wrestle with, no major excavation prep and these units are solid and well built.  If you want to keep the plants going in the summer, you will need a good fan system.  We were pleasantly surprised that the overnight heating we needed in early spring didn’t crush our utility bill.  On a cold but sunny later winter day, you will LOVE going out to your greenhouse.  An hour in there will boost your spirits big time!

Peg and Bruce
Jackson, MI

We have had our greenhouse for about 7 years. Living on the northern shore of Lake Michigan, we experience tremendous winds but the greenhouse is sturdy as a rock! We use it for growing from Late March-November. I start lettuce mix as soon as the soil in the raised bed is workable. Within just a few weeks I have a crop of young plants that taste like summer. I begin tomato seeds in my home using a lighting system. Typically, I can put tomato/squash plants on benches in the greenhouse by the end of April (with expected planting on June 1). I put covers on the tomatoes if temperatures are freezing at night and use a small space heater with fan to provide enough warmth to keep the plants healthy. Once the days are longer and a bit warmer, I put cucumbers and tomato plants into the raised bed. This allows an early start on fruit and also provides a much longer season. I actually was harvesting delicious tomatoes into late October from the greenhouse plants. (I have attached a picture from mid-summer. As you can see, the vents and windows are open for ventilation during the heat of the day) One of the best features is dispersion of lighting. Plants sitting on the floor under benches laden with pots still receive adequate lighting for growth. It allows me to really pack in the greenery!

St. Ignace, MI

As an avid gardener I have owned an 8 X 8 X 15 foot Gardener Model Simply Solar Greenhouse for nearly 8 years. Before purchasing this particular greenhouse I researched for nearly a year the many greenhouses available on the market and this greenhouse’s structure is superior to competitive units from the world around. And it is guaranteed for ten (10) years! To the experienced gardener and observer our greenhouse barely looks used-even with Michigan’s severe winters it wears like rust-proof iron. My wife and I have actively used the greenhouse since it was delivered and installed. We use it to start our seedlings for our over 30 gardens. It is amazing how many different plants and vegetables have been successfully started and grown in this quality greenhouse. For example, we successfully grow kale – our favorite green vegetable – during the very hot summer months. Given its very efficient solar powered vents, which open automatically as needed, the kale thrives and gives us a continuous and delicious crop for 6 to 8 months a year. I could go on for hours about the quality features this greenhouse possesses. We love to show off our greenhouse!

Peter Diller
Active Member
Caro Garden Club

 I’ve had different types of greenhouses through the years but unlike the rest, I can already tell this one is durable and will be long-lasting. It makes gardening so enjoyable for me. I wrapped up my growing season after Thanksgiving when I finished harvesting the rest of my herbs. Everything germinated well inside and I was able to transplant outside so my garden was full and abundant this year. I kept a few tomatoes, beans and pepper plants inside all summer and they did very well. I especially love the solar vents. I have them set to open at about 74’ and even when I couldn’t get out to open my windows in time, the automatic vents kept the greenhouse from over-heating. I love my greenhouse and can’t wait to get started again in the spring.

Muskegon, MI

Look at my wintered greens!  I bought one of your row covers/cold frames last year at the Mother Earth News Fair and look at my beautiful greens this morning.  The temps got down to 3′ below zero this winter.  I see you will be at the Fair this year and may ask you to bring me another one. I didn’t know how well it would work when I bought it but it was my only purchase at the Fair and turned out to be a wise one!

April E. 

Had some low 20’s at night. Black barrels filled with water and covered up plants seem to be fine, no electric heater! Thanks for your help.  She’s having lots of fun. Should have done it years ago!

Reddick, IL